Caring for your gold-plated jewelry

Your jewelry is gold plated and is a precious item that must be taken care of. You need to preserve your jewelry so that it lasts as long as possible.

We give you some tips for caring for your jewelry and keeping them in perfect condition.

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Tip #1

Store your jewelry correctly: in their box or in their pouch individually to prevent them from colliding and getting damaged. In fact, mixing all your jewelry in a jewelry box accelerates oxidation.

Tip #2

Clean your jewelry. Over the days, your jewelry accumulates dust and impurities. To clean your jewelry, use a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals. If your jewelry is very dirty or dirty, you can clean it with a mixture of mild soap and warm water, then rinse it with clean water and dry it.

Tips #3

Remove your jewelry before doing physical activities: If you are going to do sports or intensive physical activities, remove your jewelry to prevent it from getting damaged or lost. Jewelry can be damaged by sweat, shock and sudden movements, so it is best to remove it before engaging in physical activity.

Tip #4

Be careful when wearing your jewelry: Avoid wearing your jewelry while doing housework or using chemicals. Do not put your jewelry in the swimming pool and the sea.
If you wash with your jewelry, remember to rinse them well and especially to dry them so as not to let water accumulate in the mesh, for example.

Our repair service

Repair rather than throw away, that’s our mantra!


Our jewelry is guaranteed against defects or hidden defects. Normal use or wear and tear are not covered by the warranty.

If your jewelry has been damaged following improper handling or if a modification to the jewelry has been made by you, the warranty unfortunately cannot be activated.

But do not panic ! Our repair service allows you to repair your jewelry and re-gild it, to restore its shine, and all that at a low price!

We ensure that our jewelry is resistant, stands the test of time and above all stands the test of your moments of life. However, you need to know how to take care of it, to find out how to do it, go to our maintenance advice .