GISEL B a committed jewelry brand

Since its creation, GISEL B.'s main desire is to be a company with high environmental responsibility.

So in 2019, we are focusing on transparency by detailing all our product sheets and being completely clear about the origin of our materials and our finishes. It turns out that more than 80% of European materials.

In 2021, we are turning to recycled gold, which allows us to become a little more "green". Find out more about recycled gold.

Since 2020, all our packaging has been recycled and recyclable. Our bags are made of organic cotton and without chemical dyes. In 2021, we are integrating Leko for the treatment of our waste.


At GISEL B, eco-responsibility is a priority.

This is why we have implemented numerous actions to limit our impact on the environment.

Since 2020, we have been members of the LEKO label for supporting the recycling of our packaging. For each of your purchases, a percentage is donated for the management and treatment of our waste.

We are a partner of PLANET which helps ecological associations. We give them part of our turnover generated by online sales.

01. Recycled and recyclable packaging made in Europe

02. Ecological inks

A committed company

valuable and high-end jewelry


Since 2022, we have used recycled gold on some of our elements such as rings, clasps, golden beads and even certain chains. And what is recycled gold? It is the use of gold already present in the territory, in the form of other jewelry or on electronic components. This gold is recovered and is melted down again to be used on our jewelry. The virtuous circle of recycling! So no more extraction in the mines. Our plating is 24 carat gold plating with a thickness of 3 microns. It is water resistant but does not like swimming pools and the sea.


In October 2022, we launched the first second-hand platform in the jewelry sector on our site. You can easily exchange your jewelry in exchange for a voucher. To learn more, it's here. In addition, we offer a repair and re-gilding service for your jewelry. Do not hesitate to contact us.