GISEL B. & Chipote Pas, the children’s collab

The marriage of our two worlds, that of bathing and jewelry, gave birth to a junior collection and a “mom” collection inspired by heavenly beaches, coconut trees and distant islands.

Fine, light and colorful jewelry, designed to enhance the colorful swimsuits of the CHIPOTE PAS brand.

A collection that makes you want to dive into summer!

For young girls:

  • Delicate necklaces, bracelets and earrings, decorated with shells and marine motifs.
  • Bright and sparkling colors to brighten up summer days.

For mothers:

  • Refined and elegant jewelry, perfect to accompany a chic beach outfit.

A symbol of love and complicity.

Our mother-daughter jewelry is more than just fashion accessories. They represent the unconditional love and complicity that unites a mother and her daughter. Wearing matching jewelry is a tender and elegant way to display this unique bond and remember those memories shared by the sea.