A chic and responsible dressing room: it’s possible!

Un dressing chic et responsable : c'est possible !

A few days ago I read a post from The Green Minimalist on the link between consumption and purchasing power. Indeed, we often hear that responsible fashion is too expensive and that it is reserved for an elite!

But when we sit down and look at these expenses in fast fashion, we realize that it's just a matter of habit and consumption. If every month you spend €100 at H&M or ZARA, that's still a big annual budget!

Outfit n°1 - Jacket and pants set, 5:10 p.m.
Foldable Lonchamps bag, found on Vinted
Thelma necklace and Rita bracelet, GISEL B.
Pumps, Jonak Paris

The idea for us - creative/responsible/local brands - is to prove that if you buy less but better, you have everything to gain.

First you gain quality by choosing premium materials, responsible fabrics and above all with perfect cuts adapted to all body types.
It's also a happy purchase : buying from GISEL B means supporting a small business, it's putting forward a little-known brand and allowing it, through your purchase, to grow and continue to live. It brings you joy and us too (you know, that little dance of joy with each of your purchases).
You promote recycling, repair and tailor-made : you buy something that is made for you, in your size and above all that is repairable for life. Indeed, at GISEL B you have the possibility of sending us your jewelry for repair. We also have a plating service at very low prices to restore the shine to your jewelry.
You avoid overconsumption : given that you have quality, that you can repair, you keep your parts for a very, very long time.

Outfit #2Black suit set, 5:17 p.m.
Bag, Céline
Necklace and glasses chains, GISEL B
Sunglasses, Jimmy Fairly
Babies, Rivecour

The opportunity for me to highlight responsible brands with beautiful manufacturing. A huge crush for the French tailor brand 17h10 : a responsible and elegant brand as we like them at GISEL B. We want to put our jewelry on all their looks. I'll talk to you about it very soon with a nice surprise in store!

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