CHOUM X GISEL B la collab'

You now know that Gisel B. revisits the cultured pearl through artisanal, modern and elegant creations.

Choum reinvents the French fabric handkerchief with contemporary and delicate patterns. Behind the original and exclusive designs of Choum, we find Marine for whom I had a real cost of heart.

From these two worlds was born an exclusive collaboration based on eco-responsibility values. An original creation, a symbiosis of French elegance, produced in small series.

GISEL B x Choum the chic square

A handkerchief with an exclusive design

The CHOUM x GISEL B. fabric handkerchief is a jewel print where refined and feminine maxi chains intertwine.
In terms of colors, we have combined a warm camel with a pinkish beige to offer you a timeless, chic and durable handkerchief .

Lovers of elegant pieces will only have their eyes on this LIMITED EDITION handkerchief !

Product characteristics

Choum handkerchiefs are made from organic cotton satin, GOTS certified by Ecocert. High-end raw material, woven in France.
The inks used for this model are 100% GOTS certified. The printing is ecological and produced by a MOF: Meilleur Ouvrier de France.
Incomparable softness and durable manufacturing for squares full of meaning.

This organic fabric handkerchief is reusable . It is recommended to wash it with a natural detergent between 30° and 40°.
To preserve the beauty of your handkerchief, follow gentle drying.

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