Clip earrings

Des boucles d'oreilles clips

We are delighted to announce that we can now offer you clip-on earrings, for all small non-pierced ears! You know clips are our grandmothers' curls. Moreover, Gisèle wore them every day, with large semi-precious pearls, a real throwback to the 60s.

GISEL B gold-plated clip-on earrings.

A nice alternative that many of you were waiting for. You asked for it so we did it!

We offer you two possibilities:
- the purchase of an adapter, which clips onto the stem of a "classic" buckle
- the tailor-made creation of your curls with a clip attachment (please Contact us to show us your project)

For a long time, clip-on earrings were given a bad reputation: too heavy, slippery, painful and even old-fashioned! However, they are very useful for people suffering from severe allergies or afraid of ear piercing.

Today, advances in manufacturing techniques allow us to offer you quality models, gold plated and suitable for all ears. And above all, light and not painful. In fact, the springs have been adapted to allow you to apply gentler pressure on the lobe while maintaining good hold.

The must have is our adapter! It fits all stem buckles. It is very qualitative and above all very beautiful due to its finesse. It just adds a delicate golden pale to your lobe.

Do you like this new stuff?
See you soon


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