le plaqué or résiste-t-il à l'eau ? Entretien des bijoux en plaqué or 3 microns

Is gold plating really water resistant?

Nov 10, 2023Clemence Masson

It is first important to remind you what gold plating is in jewelry and also its regulations which are very important (European and French regulations).

Gold plated is first regulated by its thickness. Indeed, in everyday language we use “gold plated” somewhat wrongly and rightly. But the regulations require that the gold plated must have a gold thickness greater than or equal to 3 microns.

This means that anything gilded with fine gold or Gold Filled is not gold plated. And it is prohibited to use the term if the gold thickness does not comply with the legislation.

Gold plating is applied to silver (so we speak of Vermeil) like on our earrings, or to brass.

For our part, we chose to add a layer of copper between the brass and the gold. Why because it allows better adhesion of gold and increases its durability.

Plating therefore makes it possible to create resistant, high-quality jewelry at affordable prices .

So can you put your gold-plated jewelry in water?

Yes, you can put your gold-plated jewelry in clean water , to wash your hands for example or in the shower. You have to take care to dry them well.

But it's like a pretty wool Sézane sweater , the more you wash it, the more likely it is to get damaged. But the advantage of gold plate is that it is resistant! Much more than other costume jewelry.

Be careful, what can cause problems is salt, chlorine, soap, perfume and even cosmetics. If this ever happens to you, you must rinse your jewelry with clean water and dry it.

The acidity of the skin and perspiration can also oxidize your jewelry. Do not panic ! You can clean your jewelry with a light microfiber cloth to restore its shine.

It is also important to store your jewelry individually in its bag or box. In fact, the different metals can alter and damage your jewelry.

Note that a gold plating, regardless of the thickness, can see its gold layer become thinner, for example with friction. In fact, the repeated friction linked to our daily lives will over time refine the layer of gold. This is called wear and tear and is normal. Your jewelry must live with you!

Jewelry is a precious object. Some jewelry is more fragile than others. They are delicate and require careful treatment and maintenance.

And if you ever want to restore a nice shine to your jewelry, we offer you a REDODURE SERVICE at a low price . To find out more, go here.

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