Second hand

How about buying second-hand jewelry?

GISEL B. offers you a new unique service in the jewelry sector

We are convinced of our quality. With the idea of ​​being even more responsible, even more circular, we take back your jewelry. This is our commitment, towards a world without waste.

We find this approach in ready-to-wear, but we are the only jewelry brand to offer it.

Our desire to always do more to develop a healthy, circular and responsible economy.



1. We collect your parts.

You send us your jewel (at your expense).

Our team examines each jewel, checks its condition, cleans and makes the necessary repairs.
Only items in good condition will be posted. The others will be upcycled.

2. The resale price is established.

Depending on the condition and season of the piece, we offer a second-hand resale price.

3. You profit!

In exchange, you receive your voucher, valid for one year in our online store.

I offer my jewel in second hand

We answer your questions about the second hand

The recovery conditions

The product must be in good condition. There must be no missing element or part of the jewel.
If we need to make repairs, we will have to charge them against your purchase order.

How are second-hand prices defined?

Our teams will carefully examine the jewel for you. Clean it and make the necessary repairs, if necessary.
So they will be classified as such:

- Immaculate condition

- Very good state

- Good condition

Based on all these criteria, we define a second-hand resale price.

What if your product is not selected?

If we judge that your jewel does not meet the criteria for second-hand resale, we will not return it. It will be completely upcycled.

How to offer a second-hand jewel?

All you have to do is answer the questionnaire. We will get back to you quickly.

And what do I win?

We put your item online and as soon as it is sold, you will receive your voucher (valid for one year on our online site or in our store in Valence).

How do I put my jewelry online?

You have nothing to do. Our team takes care of everything: cleaning, pricing, posting, shipping.