GISEL B is a French jewelry brand, created in 2015 by Clémence Masson, with the desire to offer quality jewelry, handcrafted in France, while remaining accessible to as many people as possible.


GISEL B has always worked with cultured pearls to revisit them and make them modern, chic and trendy.

What we prefer: using the pearl in its most raw aspect and thus offering you unique pieces.

All our cultured pearls come from Asia and are selected for their quality while respecting people and the planet. This is an essential condition for us. We work with a family farm, without any intermediary.


From the very beginning, GISEL B was based in the north of France, in Lille, where she joined the fashion collective, MAISONS DE MODE. Thus, thanks to numerous training courses and the emulsion of the collection, GISEL B is built and defined.

Inspired by minerals and plants, Clémence quickly turned to cultured pearls to create her first collections.

The choice of artisanal manufacturing is not an option and the brand quickly surrounds itself with quality craftsmen to carry out the technical tasks of jewelry which are plating, welding and molding.

All designs, prototyping and assembly of jewelry are carried out in our workshop.


In 2019, GISEL B. moved to the south-east of France. It is in the historic center of Valence that we opened our first store “LA MAISON GISEL B.”

The GISEL B. house is our space, our workshops and our offices. But it is also your cocoon: the place where we can meet, carry out your tailor-made projects, welcome you for your workshops.

La MAISON welcomes you at 20 Grande Rue.


Since its beginnings, the GISEL B. team has turned internationally by participating in trade shows in Berlin, Shanghai and New York.

Since then you can group our jewelry together with many renowned distributors such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The New York Museum of Modern Art, L'Exception Paris, Place des Tendances, Le Printemps...

In 2022, the brand has more than 100 resellers worldwide.


In 2019, we are focusing on transparency by detailing all our product sheets and being completely clear about the origin of our materials and our finishes. It turns out that more than 80% of European materials.

Since 2020, all our packaging has been recycled and recyclable. Our bags are made of organic cotton and without chemical dyes. In 2021, we are integrating Leko for the treatment of our waste.

In 2021, we are turning to recycled gold, which allows us to become a little more "green". Find out more about recycled gold.


Originally from the Normandy coast, Clémence Masson grew up in the open air, lulled by the song of the sea. Coming from a family where art and music had an important place, she learned from her grandmother Gisèle, a seamstress. specialist in Calais lace, the basics of sewing on an old Singer machine.

Revolutionary and passionate about politics, in the first sense of the term, Clémence left for Lille to study Human Sciences, then Political Sciences, where she learned the basics of communication and business creation.

After working in child welfare, Clémence left her position as project manager and created her small jewelry brand.

It was in 2015 that GISEL B was born with the desire to offer high value-added, artisanal and fashionable jewelry.

Since then, Clémence has taken the brand internationally and developed the brand by constantly questioning it. For Clémence, the jewelry world needs to be dusted off and must be more transparent.

At the same time, Clémence becomes a professor of marketing and communication at Aix Marseille University in 2022.


Gisèle is Clémence's grandmother. Originally from the North of France, this former professional seamstress is the starting point of Clémence's creativity. She learned the basics of sewing on an old Singer machine. She remembers the afternoons spent with her brother doing embroidery work, while Gisèle made her dolls' outfits. It was thanks to Gisèle that Clémence developed her taste for manual work and materials. He sometimes rummaged through the large cupboards in the attic looking for treasures: Calais lace, wooden buttons and other “soft” fabrics.


In 2021, GISEL B becomes a pioneering jewelry brand by offering inclusive and unisex jewelry.

A collection mixing knitwear and cultured pearls will be released in May 2021. This collection is a culmination for the designer Clémence, who has always worked to ensure that jewelry is a fashion object and not an external sign that classifies and compartmentalizes!

It is thanks to the eye of Photographer Marine Barian that the campaign is found in Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Elle.