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How to wear the Molly necklace

Jun 25, 2024Clemence Masson

The Molly necklace, our flagship piece for 2024, with its sublime baroque cultured pearls, in unique sizes and shapes.

It’s a strong piece of character. But how to wear a major piece like the Molly necklace?

Casual, simple : with a pretty white summer dress and that's it! No other jewelry, just it to enhance your casual look and give you a chic and refined look without overdoing it. The perfect look for a day at work in the summer.

For a Sunday in the countryside: a relaxed but no less chic look! For a nice Sunday picnic or for a bucolic stroll. The Molly necklace is the piece that will give your outfits the necessary pep.

Photos taken by Sylwia Michalik following a commercial collaboration

For a cocktail by the beach! You can shine in your structured black dress at the seaside, your cocktail in hand. The Mollie necklace is a short necklace of 37 cm (with a 4cm extension), you can then perfectly combine it with a longer thin necklace, such as the Lou necklace or the Rosa necklace

Photos taken by Laura Ana Isabel following a commercial collaboration

So what is your favorite outfit?

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