Comment entretenir vos bijoux en perles de culture ?

How to maintain your cultured pearl jewelry?

May 29, 2024Clemence Masson

Cultured pearls are natural elements that we use in the manufacture of our jewelry.

At GISEL B we select high quality pearls, classified AA and AAA+. So they have very few impurities, traces of polishing and they have a perfect pearly shine.

Cultured pearls require careful and delicate cleaning so as not to damage their shine. We recommend using a soft cloth, such as microfiber, on which you can put a little clean water.

On our jewelry, the pearls will mainly get dirty between them. Small impurities can slip between your pearls and leave a black deposit. Don't panic, you can easily clean them with your soft cloth and a little water.

Cleaning the pearls of your jewelry is essential to preserve their shine and pearly reflections. It is therefore necessary to do it regularly. Know that it is when you wear your pearls that they hydrate. The more you wear your jewelry, the more beautiful your pearls will be. And don't forget to store your pearl jewelry in its pouch or box to protect it from light and oxidation. This is why GISEL B offers you these pretty, very soft jewelry boxes. To be found here.

At GISEL B jewelry is guaranteed against breakage and manufacturing defects, so if you have any questions or concerns with your jewelry, do not hesitate to contact us here. Sometimes it happens that we break our jewelry without intention, don't panic either: we repair all our jewelry, with no time limit! And at a very low price!

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